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The Best Eyeliner Pencil

The Enduring Popularity of Pencil Liners

Eyeliner pencils offer a classic no-fuss way to define eyes. Their creamy fool-proof application makes them ideal for eyeliner beginners. Yet pencils remain a staple for seasoned makeup pros too. They allow versatile techniques from soft definition to bold smoky intensity. The perfect eyeliner pencil :Pencils come in longwearing waterproof formulas and an array of finishes. Whether matte, satin, shimmer or metallic, the options enrich any eye look.

The Features of Top-Tier Pencils

The best eyeliner pencils share key performance features. Quality pencils utilize richly pigmented color concentrates for opaque coverage in a single stroke. The soft smooth leads glide on effortlessly without tugging or skipping. The perfect eyeliner pencil :Waterproof and smudge-proof formulas resist fading, creasing and transferring.

Top pencils boast thoughtful design attributes too. Self-sharpening caps maintain precise points for detailed artistry. Retractable twist-up designs prevent breakage while extending usage lifespan. Ergonomic grooved barrels provide steady control during application. Premium pencils also feature impressive shade ranges spanning neutrals to vivid specialty colors.

The Best Eyeliner Pencil

Beloved Drugstore Pencil Picks

Affordable drugstore pencil liners deliver professional-quality performance. Revlon’s ColorStay line offers smooth transfer-resistant wear in versatile hues. The built-in smudgers on each cap enable controlled smokiness. The Revlon pencils layer and blend beautifully with powder shadows too.

L’Oreal makes the Paris Edit Bamboo smooth gliding waterproof pencils. Their botanical bamboo composition allows the formula to adhere seamlessly. Multiple finishes from soft shimmers to electric neons expand the styling versatility. Individual pencils provide great value for just a few dollars each.

Mega classic Maybelline Eye Studio Masters excel at intense matte or smoky effects. The kohl-rich pencils deliver bold color payoff that lasts through sweating and sebum. Affordable pricing makes them easy affordable backups to stash in multiple makeup bags.

High-End Splurge Pencil Picks

Luxury makeup pencils invest in elevated formulas and designs. Marc Jacobs’s Highliners offer impressive multi-dimensional finishes. Metallic nuances shimmer while satin and lacquered shine variations smolder. The soft vitamin-enriched formula stays crease-free through humidity. Dual-ended shapes allow blurring smoky effects on the fly.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl eyeliners combine kohl’s blendable texture with waterproof polymers. The twist-up holders are decorated in baroque designs with tassel embellishments. Twelve richly-curated jewel-toned shades flatter any eye color beautifully. The creamy pencils resist bleeding while diffusing airily around the eye.

For customized definition, MAC’s Technakohl liquid-last liners offer superior budge-proof wear. The vitamin-enriched formula nourishes delicate eye areas as it lines. Each dual-ended pencil has intense jet black on one side plus an array of coordinating colorful accents on the other. Apply shades individually or layer for dynamic effects.

The Perfect Nude Pencils

Nude eyeliner pencils enhance eyes subtly for a no-makeup effect. Quality nude shades smoothly tightline along the roots of upper and lower lashes. This illusion of thicker lush lashes flatters all eye shapes instantly. Nude pencils also strategically brighten the lower waterlines for a wide-awake highlighted effect.

Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils lineup includes whispers of nude shades like Walk of Shame and Yeyo. Their velvety texture delivers color purity while defining without harshness. For olive and deeper complexions, nudetastic pairs beautifully with its bronze-sheen base color. All the 24/7 formula pencils sharpen to fine points for ultimate precision.

Nudestix offers versatile nude pencils that double as cream shadow bases. Multiple tones like Burnish, Pecan and Terra bring radiant warmth to lids and lash lines. The concentrated pigment wears tenaciously while resisting creasing for 24-hour impressive endurance. Nudestix pencil points never tug or pull delicate eye areas.

The Best Eyeliner Pencil

Colorful Liners for Bold Artistry

Amplify creative eye looks with vivid eyeliner pencils in unexpected vivid shades. NYX makes affordable Vivid Brights pencils in fluorescent neon tones like orange blaze and blue beau. The intense semi-matte pigments make captivating statement feature accents along lash lines or drawn into intricate graphic designs.

NYX’s electric blue vivid pencil builds cleanly upon itself without patchiness. The green vivid pencil flatters all skin tones beautifully. While the ultra-bright shades appear neon on their own, blending outward creates ethereal shaded effects. Apply the vivid neons before eye primer dries for seamless color melding.

For luxury artistry in rich jewel tones, look to cult-favorite Mermaid pencils from DipBrow. The ultra-smooth metallic-glide formula blends seamlessly without tugging, creasing or feathering. Each twist-up pencil features a dual-ended waterproof eyeliner plus complimentary lip color. Transcendent shades include red velvet dragon and mythical emerald.

No eye makeup routine feels complete without the perfect punctuating liner. Pencil formulas offer an approachable option for enhancing and defining eyes. Whether prefering subtle nude flattery or bold colorful artistic expression, the right pencil makes achieving striking effects seamless.


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