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The Best Gel Eyeliner Formulas

The Best Gel Eyeliner Formulas for Intense, Lasting Eye Looks

Gel eyeliners offer incredible versatility and staying power. They glide on smoothly and dry to a waterproof, smudge-resistant finish. The unique gel-based formula allows effortless application and pristine lines. The beast gel eyeliner formulas:Bold cat eyes, delicate tightlines, smoky wings – gel liner makes it all possible.

This guide breaks down the top-rated gel eyeliner formulas on the market. It covers application tips and the best uses for each liner. Get ready for striking, long-wearing eye makeup.

The Best Gel Eyeliner Formulas

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown’s cult-favorite gel liner needs no introduction. It pioneered the gel liner category decades ago. The rich, densely pigmented formula glides like a dream. It provides intense color payoff in a single stroke.

The liner comes in an impressive range of 20+ shades. Black Ink is the classic versatile black. Other popular hues include Sepia Ink (brown), Hunter Ink (green), and Violet Ink. The formula contains special polymers for 24-hour waterproof, sweat/humidity resistant wear.

This liner excels at creating precise, bold lines. The dense pigmentation makes it ideal for dramatic looks like cat eyes. It also adheres well for tightlining the waterline and crisp top lids.

Many consider this the gold standard for gel eyeliner quality and performance. However, the tiny pot packaging requires a steady hand for dipping. The formula can also dry out over time.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

For a budget-friendly yet impressive gel eyeliner, pick up this beloved drugstore gem. Maybelline loaded their gel formula with concentrated black pigments. The result is intense, ultra-black color in one smooth glide.

This liner boasts an impressive 24-hour smudge-proof, waterproof wear time. Special polymers help it withstand sweat, tears, humidity, you name it. The creamy gel formula dries down to a gorgeous satin finish.

While not the most voluminous consistency, the formula allows beautifully controlled lines. Use the precise brush tip for fine hair-like strokes or graphic wings. The compact pot makes this liner ideal for travel or tossing in a makeup bag.

Expect ravely reviews for the jet-black color payoff and long wear time. Some do note the liner can dry out quicker than luxury options.

The Best Gel Eyeliner Formulas

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner

For those who love rich, inky eyeliner looks, meet Inglot’s AMC gel liner. This formula delivers ultra-black, heavily pigmented color in a single swipe. It adheres flawlessly, drying down to a semi-matte, waterproof finish.

The formula contains silicone polymers and mineral pigments. This potent blend provides outstanding longevity and resistance to fading, smearing, or budging. Simply line and go about your day (or night) worry-free.

Inglot’s gel liner demands some precision to load up the brush initially. Once applied, the smooth formula buffs and layers effortlessly for desired opacity. It excels at bold cat eyes, smoky wings, or graphic liner looks. The intense pigment also tightlines beautifully.

Expect 10+ hours of smudge-proof wear from this workhorse gel formula. It’s waterproof yet removes easily with soap and warm water when desired.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Pot Waterproof Liner

Looking for a clean, water-based gel liner? Check out this mineral-rich formula from Tarte. The Amazonian clay-infused formula glides on smoothly without skipping or dragging. It dries down to an intense matte, waterproof finish.

The clay helps the liner stay crease-resistant and smudge-free for hours. Natural waxes also promote adhesion and long wear time. This vegan formula contains no harsh ingredients like parabens or phthalates.

Tarte’s liner comes in a classic black as well as colors like brown, purple, and navy. The pot comes with a mini angled brush ideal for winging out and detailing. The creamy texture makes it easy to achieve razor-sharp wings.

While not the inkiest formula, the opaque color payoff lasts throughout the day. Tarte’s clean gel liner formula offers impressive wear and healthier ingredients.

The Best Gel Eyeliner Formulas

MAC Cosmetics Brushstroke Liner

MAC’s Brushstroke liner has a unique fluid cream texture. It delivers the intensity of a gel with the smooth, effortless blendability of a cream or liquid liner.

The versatile formula allows clean hair-like strokes as easily as intense bold lines. Users rave about the ability to achieve any eye look flawlessly. Create defined graphic eyeliner or smokey, lived-in grunge vibes with ease. Simply adjust pressure and blending for desired look.

This liner comes in over 20 shades from classic black to vibrant colored hues. A special calligraphy brush allows maximum control and detail work. The creamy yet waterproof formula holds up without fading or bleeding.

MAC’s Brushstroke provides rich color delivery, wearability, and artistic versatility. It’s ideal for makeup lovers who appreciate a true high-performance liner.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon

For intense gel liner in an innovative crayon format, check out Marc Jacobs’ Highliner. This gel pencil combines the creamy application of a traditional pencil with the rich payoff and longevity of a gel formula.

The chubby pencil has a super smooth glide that doesn’t tug or skip. Simply swipe along the lash line or waterline for clean lines. Twist the cap for more liner to dispense as needed.

The deeply pigmented formula resists smudging, fading, and bleeding throughout the day. It sets with a water-resistant finish that outlasts most traditional pencils. The crayon tip allows controlled, precise definition without tugging.

This pencil comes in a range of classic and fashion shades. Expect vibrant, true-to-color swatches in colors like black, emerald, navy and more. Makeup minimalists appreciate the convenience and precision of this portable liner.

The Best Gel Eyeliner Formulas

Chanel Calligraphie de Chanel Longwear Cream Eyeliner

Leave it to Chanel to deliver a decadent cream-gel eyeliner hybrid. This formula combines the intensity of a gel with the glide and blendability of a cream. The innovative fluid texture easily creates graphic eyes, cat flicks, or smoldering smokey looks.

This liner lasts for an impressive 12+ hours without smudging or budging. The ingredients help it adhere smoothly while staying humidity and water-resistant. The flexible jet-black pigments transfer vibrancy and superior payoff.

Chanel designed a luxurious angled brush to accompany this liner. The tapered brush follows the contours of the eye with precision. Use the flat side for thick lines and angled tip for wings and detailing.

This high-performance formula tops many makeup artists’ holy grail lists. The gel-cream hybrid formula excels at creating basically any eye look imagined.


Whether gel or cream-gel hybrid, these high-impact waterproof eyeliner formulas deliver impressive longevity and pigmentation. Follow this guide to find one suited to your makeup preferences and desired looks. Gel liner allows effortless application and all-day smudge-free wear. Create endless bold, defined eye makeup looks with these stand-out formulas.

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