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How to Apply Eyeliner Pencil

The Versatility of Pencil Liners

Eyeliner pencils offer a user-friendly way to define the eyes. They come in a range of finishes from rich mattes to radiant metallics and shimmers. Pencils allow seamless application along the lash lines. The versatile formula adheres to waterlines for bonus intensity. Blendable pencil liner creates sultry smoky effects or articulated graphic shapes. How to apply eyeliner pencil?With so many color options, the flattering possibilities prove endless.

Choosing the Right Pencil

How to apply eyeliner pencil?For precise lining results, select liners formulated with waterproof or long-wear properties. Quality kohl and gel pencils ensure crisp lines that last all day. Wood pencils deposit color more intensely than plastic barrels. Retractable twist-up designs prevent oversharpening and breakage. Self-sharpeners achieve precise points for detailed artistry.

Creamy satin finishes offer classic definition with a soft focus effect. Intense matte shades deliver high-impact opaque pigment. Metallic lusters create radiant dimension. Versatile nude liners subtly tight-line for an eye-opening effect without harsh definition.

how to apply eyeliner pencil

Necessary Prep Steps

Start with a freshly primed eye area for ideal pencil adhesion. Use a smoothing eyeshadow primer or flesh-toned concealer to neutralize discolorations. This clean canvas prevents eyeliner from transferring or fading prematurely.

Sharpening the pencil tip properly also ensures seamless application. Rolling the wood casing across a sharpener at an angle creates a gently rounded slanted point. This makes applying and positioning pencil lines easier across the eye contours.

Tightlining Techniques

How to apply eyeliner pencil? enhances and defines eyes for an “invisible eyeliner” natural look. First, gently pull the upper lid taut with one hand. Then, apply the pencil tip between the upper lashes as closely to the lash line as possible. Gently wiggle the pencil while tightlining to deposit color directly on top of the lash roots.

For lower lash tightlining, pull the lower lid outward. Gently press the liner in between the lash roots to transfer color without visible lines. The end result appears lush and full without obvious makeup effects.

how to apply eyeliner pencil

Creating Fine Lines

To draw precise liner along the upper lash line, start in the center and work outward. Stabilize the outer eye area by pressing the ring finger against the cheekbone. Draw a fluid line following the natural lash line curve.How to apply eyeliner pencil? Ease up on pressure at the inner and outer corners to create a tapered look.

Liner along the lower lash line makes eyes appear more open and awake. Watch for pulling or tugging the delicate lower lid area. Use featherlight pencil pressure to transfer color only at the lash roots closest to the waterline. Avoid harsh lines beneath the eyes which can make them appear smaller.

Mastering the Wing Flick

Achieving the coveted eyeliner flick or wing takes steady hands and practice. First, line the outer half of the upper lash line as normal. Once reaching the outer corner, lightly dot where the upward flick should start. Carefully use the pencil’s sharp tip to draw a smooth diagonal line upward toward the end of the brow. Start with short, fine tails first and increase length as desired.

To keep wings crisp, use concealer or makeup remover on a small brush to clean any uneven outer edges. Try holding the brush below the pencil tip to stabilize hand motions. Top with black pencil if needed for high definition.

Creating Smoky Smudgy Effects

For sultry smoked-out liner, apply black or colored pencil liberally along the lash lines. Let liner set for 15 seconds before blending. Use a dome-shaped sponge or smudge brush to soften and diffuse the pencil outward. Concentrate smudging at the outer corners for flattering lifted shape.

Top liner with a matching powder eyeshadow and continue blending seamlessly. Add extra product as needed to build richer smokiness around the eyes. Set with a dusting of pigmented powder to perfect the liner’s lasting intensity.

how to apply eyeliner pencil

Adding Graphic Definition

For edgy graphic eyeliner looks, pencil formulas excel at creating crisp angles and geometric shapes. Start by sketching out the desired design in light pencil lines. Work slowly and correct freehand lines as needed between steps. Layer black pencil over the guideline sections for opaque coverage. This foolproof technique achieves clean, precise effects every time.

Use a flat concealer brush to perfect thick wings or sharp points. Run the brush firmly along edges to sharpen angles. Stipple away excess pencil for defined negative space areas around the shapes. Top with broad highlighter afterward to make the contrasted lines pop.

Combining Pencil with Other Liners

Pencil liner techniques pair seamlessly with liquid and gel formulas too. Start with a full lid application of powder eyeshadow first. Next, outline the shape with a pencil as a guideline and fill in any gaps with powder product after.

Optionally, sketch pencil lines first along the lash borders only. Fill in the open areas with smudge-proof gel or liquid liner for ultimate wear. The pencil creates soft feathered edges while the fluid liner delivers striking impact.

Pencils prove indispensable for deepening and intensifying waterlines as well. Press colored or nude pencil into the waterline spaces over any liner style. Smudge gently with a small brush to smoke out the look.

Layer pencils under liquid liner for multi-dimensional waterproof effects too. The budge-proof duo stays vibrant throughout extended wear.

No eye makeup routine feels complete without the perfect punctuation of eyeliner. Master the art of defining eyes flawlessly using versatile pencil formulas and application techniques. Achieve crisp tailored shaping or sultry smoky radiance – the options prove limitless with a quality liner pencil. Transformative eye enhancing artistry made effortless!

how to apply eyeliner pencil

In conclusion, mastering the art of applying eyeliner pencil is within reach with the right techniques. By starting with a sharpened pencil, gently lining the upper and lower lash lines, and smudging or blending for a soft look, you can achieve defined and alluring eyes. Remember to experiment with different styles and colors to find what suits you best. Practice makes perfect, so have patience and keep honing your skills. With time and practice, you’ll become more adept at creating the perfect eyeliner pencil look that complements your eyes and overall makeup. So, grab your favorite eyeliner pencil and start experimenting – soon, you’ll be effortlessly applying eyeliner like a pro.

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