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How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners

Understanding Eyeliner’s Impact

Eyeliner instantly defines and enhances the eyes. Applied properly, it creates striking dimension and depth. Even subtle lining makes eyes appear brighter and more awake. With so many color and formula options, eyeliner offers limitless looks. From soft daytime definition to smoldering smoky evening glamour, it’s an essential makeup item. How to apply eyeliner for beginners?Mastering basic techniques opens up a world of eye-enhancing possibilities.

Choosing the Right Eyeliner Formula

As a beginner, selecting the proper eyeliner formula prevents frustration. How to apply eyeliner for beginners?Each offers unique advantages for different skill levels and desired effects:

Pencils: Pencils provide excellent control and uniform color deposit. They create precise yet blendable lines effortlessly. Kohl and gel pencils allow lining the waterline area.

Liquid Pens: Liquid pens contain inkier pigment for high-impact definition. The ultra-fine felt tips enable detailed artistry but require steady hands.

Gel/Cream: Gel and cream gel liners glide on smoothly for maximum versatility. Pots pair with brushes for customizable line thicknesses. Smudge-proof gel formulas last perfectly through long wear.

Powders: Powder eyeshadows work as soft subtle liner using dense angled brushes. Apply before or after powders on the lid for seamless gradient effects.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners


Necessary Tools & Prep

In addition to eyeliner, assemble a few key tools first. Quality brushes and sponges enable foolproof application and blending. Micellar water aids in easy cleanup. How to apply eyeliner for beginners?An eye primer or concealer prevents oils from breaking down pigments.

For pencils and liquids, sharpening caps remove dull surfaces to reveal fresh pointed nibs. A sturdy sharpener designed for woodcase pencils prevents breakage.

Priming the lid area provides a smooth base for liner adhesion. Opt for a sheer lids and lash primer or skin-toned eyeshadow primer. Use fingertips to lightly smooth product from lashes up to brows. Let set briefly before lining.

Tightlining Techniques

To subtly enhance lash fullness, tightline before applying other liner. First, hold the upper lid gently taut with one finger. With the other hand, apply pencil liner as closely as possible to the upper lashline. Nudge the tip between lash roots to deposit color. Go slowly while glancing sideways to ensure the line hugs the lash base.

For the lower lash line, carefully pull down the outer lower lid slightly. Run the pencil in short gentle strokes directly along the lower rim. Focus on the outer two-thirds only to avoid closing the eye. Keep from tugging the delicate undereye area.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners

Perfecting SimpleLined Eyes

Basic lined eyes polish any look from casual to glamorous. Always begin by stabilizing the outer eye area with one ring finger pressed against the cheekbone.

For the upper lash line, start at the inner corner and slowly pull the liner across toward the outer corner. Use light feathering pressure to deposit the first pencil guidelines. For liquid liner, draw short hairlike strokes following the lash line. Once reaching the outer edge, reconnect the endpoint to the inner corner section. Fill in any open segments for a seamless line.

After lining the top lashes, repeat the process on the lower lash line if desired. Press as closely as possible to root bases. Keep bottom liner focused on the outer two-thirds for an open appearance.

Let liner set for 30-60 seconds before blinking to fully set the pigment in place. Finish with 2-3 coats of volumizing mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Defining Outer Wings & Flicks

To elongate eyes, extend liner outward into subtle or dramatic winged shapes. First complete the upper lashline from corner to corner as normal. At the outer edge, lightly dot where the extended wing should begin. Use this point as a guide to pull the liner outward in a smooth diagonal stroke toward the tail end of the brow. Keep tails compact at first for an understated effect.

Alternatively, apply the wing shape first, then connect inward along the lash line. Use a cotton swab to perfect edges if needed. Let wings dry fully before opening eyes to avoid tugging. Practice makes perfect for ideal symmetry.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners

Amplifying Liner Effects

Kick lined eyes up a notch by layering multiple formulas. For example, start by drawing precise lines with felt-tip liquid eyeliner. Then, smudge a complementary kohl pencil on top of liner to create sultry smokiness. Use a small dome brush to gently soften and diffuse edges outward.

Another option: first map out the lash lines and wing angles using an eye pencil or angled shadow brush dipped in powder. Then, layer gel liner directly over the pencil sketch with a separate fine brush. This foolproof technique creates perfectly executed graphic shapes.

For bold eye-opening impact, rim the inner waterlines with flesh-toned or white pencils. Look straight ahead with eyes wide open while applying the pencil inside the waterline rims. Focus on the lower waterline only if already lining upper lash lines. This brightens and “tightlines” for a clean polished finishing touch.

Flattering Eye Liner Shapes

How to apply eyeliner for beginners?Eyeliner techniques for most flattering eye shapes:

Close-Set Eyes: Keep liner focused toward outer corners. Extend slightly past edges to open up the area. Tight-line upper lashes only on inner portions.

Wide-Set Eyes: Concentrate liner thickness from the middle areas inward to visually bring eyes closer together. Diffuse outer edges softly.

Hooded Eyes: Draw crisp lines hugging upper lashes while avoiding inner corners. Wing shapes elongate and lift the eye area instantly.

Downturned Eyes: Direct winged flicks upward past the outer corners toward end of brows. This counteracts any downward slant.

Eyeliner transforms and enhances every eye shape when applied strategically. With the proper tools and techniques, beginners can easily master basic lined effects. Practice steadying application methods to unlock multiple levels of eye-defining drama and intensity.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners

In conclusion, learning how to apply eyeliner as a beginner is a journey of experimentation and practice. With the right techniques, such as starting with small strokes, using a steady hand, and being patient, anyone can achieve stunning eyeliner looks. Remember to choose the right type of eyeliner for your comfort and desired style. As you continue to practice and refine your skills, you’ll gain confidence and mastery in creating different eyeliner looks that enhance your eyes. Embrace the learning process, enjoy the journey, and revel in the satisfaction of mastering this essential makeup skill.

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