The Best Alternative to Dangerous Diet Pills – Ignore at Your Peril

You have to wonder that if losing weight was as easy as taking a magic diet pill, 1 in 3 Americans over 20 probably wouldn’t be obese, and another 1 in 3 Americans over 20 wouldn’t be overweight. It’s a hard to defend the effectiveness of diet pills when 2 in 3 are considered overweight or obese.
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Humans like to make their lives easier. Daily you’ll see this fact proven with the onslaught of products that promise to make our lives easier, and less stressful. From the latest fancy exercise machine to the hottest fat blasting diet pill, these  “life changing” products promise to make weight loss easier than ever before.
And, who can blame anyone for believing what these advertisements are saying? I mean, when standing in front of two paths, one that is visibly harder, and one that has signs posted on it screaming promises of effortless travel to the fountain of youth, you can bet that the easier one would be the most traveled.
Let’s face it, it’s a heck of a lot easier (and probably more enjoyable) to sit on the couch and watch “The Biggest Loser”, than to be a contestant on it.
Marketers capitalize on the human desire to make things easier for themselves. They know what they are doing and they know how to get you to want to buy their products.
Diet pill ads are everywhere. They are used by many because they are considered a quick and simple fix for weight loss. There are several kinds of diet pills and in terms of safety, some are far more dangerous than others. Generally, prescription diet pills have the potential to be the most dangerous as they are stronger than diet pills available over the counter.
The problem with many diet pills (especially prescription weight loss pills) is the risks that can come with them. Risks as in side effects – you know, that part of the drug commercial when the guy/gal starts talking really fast so you only catch a few stand-out side effects like bloody stools and death?
Most sane individuals want to minimize their risk of becoming the next news story about how their death was the last straw to finally get xyz diet pill banned. I know I sure as heck do.
Sure there are diet pills out there that are less dangerous than others, but far too many of them promise too much and deliver too little. Ineffective diet pills are effective at making your wallet lose weight, that’s for sure.
So what does someone that wants to lose weight, and avoid over-hyped diet pills and their nasty side effects do?
Well, the answer is simple. A healthy diet and regular exercise. I bet you really didn’t want to hear that!
Ignore This Weight Loss Secret At Your Peril
Well, if you are looking for a secret, I have one for you. I’ve tried over the counter diet pills before, and they didn’t work. I’ve tried healthy diets and the weight came off so slowly, that I  eventually became discouraged, gorged, and rapidly gained all that I had lost back.
I wanted a healthy eating program that was sustainable and effective. It was too hard for me to say to myself, “Ok, I can eat this tiny amount of chocolate, and that’s it”. After that one bite, the whole day I would be craving more. I didn’t want cravings anymore. Food controlled me. I didn’t want food to control me, I wanted to control food!
Through study, trial and error, and research I found what I was looking for – Raw Food. And, once I started this way of eating, I felt like I had stepped into a new world. Gone were the cravings for junk, and gone was the control food had over me. I felt great, and the weight started to fall off. Losing weight eating this new way was far, far easier than anything I have tried before.
Fat happens because of lifestyle choices, and as long as the unhealthy lifestyle continues (poor eating habits, lack of exercise), no pill will work as effectively as  a healthy diet and exercise. The best solution is to ignore those flashy ads for diet pills and understand that sustainable weight loss starts with a healthy lifestyle – a healthy diet plan, and regular exercise.
Of course changing your diet is hard at first, but once you switch to a raw foods diet, you will be amazed at your results. I encourage you to quit looking for the easy way out, quit going in circles, and to right now take the healthiest, straightest line to your weight loss goal.

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