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The Best Scrubs for Nurses

The Best Scrubs for Nurses: Stay Comfy, Stylish & Professional

As a nurse, your scrubs are like a second skin. You live in them for marathon shifts running around the hospital ward. The best scrubs for nurses:Having ill-fitting, scratchy, or unstylish scrubs is the last thing you need weighing you down during those crazy 12-hour days.

The right scrubs keep you comfortable while also looking polished and professional. But with so many options out there, how do you find that perfect blend of style, softness and practical performance? Here’s an in-depth look at the best scrub brands that check all the boxes.

FIGS Scrubs – The Stylish Standout

When it comes to stylish and super soft scrubs, FIGS is in a league of their own. These sculpted modern designs with tailored cuts elevate the humble scrub top and pant to a whole new level of cool.

FIGS uses specialized performance fabric that’s wrinkle-resistant, stretchy, moisture-wicking and incredibly soft. The material feels like butter against your skin yet has enough structure to give a polished look. No one does flattering, fashion-forward scrubs quite like FIGS.

The line features hundreds of stylish colors and prints that are anything but drab. From sleek all-black sets to vintage-inspired floral patterns, FIGS lets your personality shine. Just be prepared for all your non-nurse friends to be jealous of your cute scrub outfits!

The Best Scrubs for Nurses


Cherokee Workwear Scrubs – A Classic Favorite

Cherokee is one of the most trusted names in medical workwear. Their scrubs have been staples in hospitals around the world for good reason – they’re well-made, comfy, and designed specifically for the intense needs of nurses and doctors.

The Cherokee Workwear line is packed with stretchy, wrinkle-free options made from durable yet breathable fabrics. The V-neck tops and elastic waist pants are tailored for an active lifestyle. Tons of useful features like soil release, two-way stretch and extra pockets are standard across the collection.

While Cherokee scrubs lean more towards the classic, utilitarian side of things style-wise, their extensive range of colors and prints keeps things interesting. Plus, the consistent quality and reasonable pricing simply can’t be beaten.

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs – Buttery Softness

Grey’s Anatomy (yes, named after the famous TV show) is a hugely popular scrub brand that delivers on insane softness and comfort. The fabric technology in their scrubs is truly next-level, using a silky, lightweight blend that’s unbelievably gentle on skin.

And the “buttery bahama” material isn’t just incredibly soft – it’s also wrinkle-free, stain-resistant and moisture-wicking. That’s ideal for those 18-hour shifts where maintaining a fresh look is an uphill battle!

These luxuriously soft scrubs provide the perfect antidote to scratchy, cheap workwear. While the styles lean more towards the classic side, the vast color palette has options to suit every preference.

The Best Scrubs for Nurses

Jaanuu Scrubs – Technical Performance Meets Style

Jaanuu is a relative newcomer that’s quickly gaining a following for their high-performance, technical scrubwear made with innovative fabric. Their ” Launnu” material features moisture-wicking, four-way stretch, anti-odor and temperature-regulating properties that are ideal for active healthcare workers.

On top of that, the tailored designs combine sleek athleticwear styling with professional polish. Thoughtful details like zippered pockets, mesh vents and articulated knees make Jaanuu scrubs as practical as they are stylish.

While they may not have the endless color and print options of other brands, Jaanuu focuses instead on elevated core shades like burgundy, navy, ceil blue and evergreen. With their combination of smart technical fabrics and minimalist streetwear aesthetics, Jaanuu is redefining what modern medical apparel can be.

Koi Scrubs – Ultra Lightweight & Airy

When you need lightweight, featherweight scrubs that keep you cool and comfortable through those sweltering shifts, reach for Koi. Their ultra-luxe fabrics feel cool and crisp against your skin while wicking moisture like a dream.

Koi scrubs somehow manage to drape beautifully while still having plenty of give and stretch for unrestricted movement. The brand is also huge on small thoughtful details like triple-stitching, double banded pants and mouthpiece pockets that delight nurses.

While the styles lean more conventional, Koi has some really eye-catching color options beyond basic hues. Rich jewel tones like ruby, amethyst, pearl and clover give the scrubs an upscale vibe. For those seeking ultra lightweight, fuss-free looks, Koi should be at the top of your list.

The Best Scrubs for Nurses

Choosing the Perfect Fit

Of course, the most stylin’ scrubs in the world won’t do you much good if they don’t fit properly. Factors like inseam and sleeve length, chest room and overall tailoring can make or break the comfort and look of your scrubwear.

Most brands provide detailed size charts to help you nail that perfect fit right out of the package. Others have helpful fit guides to determine if you’d feel best in a unisex, classic or tailored cut. Don’t hesitate to order multiple sizes to try and return what doesn’t work.

No matter which brand you go with, properly fitted scrubs will elevate your confidence and project a polished, professional image. Plus, the right fit equals all-day comfort that gets you through even the most hectic shifts.

Invest in Scrubs That Work For You

When you’re a nurse putting in those intense, around-the-clock hours, having scrubs you love can actually make a difference in your day. Ditch the drab, frumpy, outdated sets – you deserve scrubs that make you feel great.

With so many new stylish, high-tech options from brands like FIGS, Cherokee, Grey’s Anatomy, Jaanuu and Koi, it’s easier than ever to find tailored, comfy scrubs ideal for your body and personal taste. Your patients and colleagues will definitely take notice of your fresh, polished look. But most importantly, you’ll feel like your very best, most confident self – even after working that dreaded 24-hour shift!

The Best Scrubs for Nurses

In conclusion, finding the best scrubs for nurses involves considering factors such as comfort, durability, functionality, and style. With a wide range of options available, nurses can select scrubs that cater to their unique needs and preferences, ensuring a professional and comfortable work attire. Brands offering innovative features, moisture-wicking fabrics, ample pockets, and a variety of sizes and styles can help nurses feel confident and at ease during their demanding shifts. By prioritizing both functionality and personal comfort, nurses can select scrubs that support their daily tasks while allowing them to showcase their individual style and professionalism in the healthcare environment.

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